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As per it is an all-natural nutritional supplement that supports prostate health in older men. Men in their 50s and 60s are troubled with frequent urination and urinary incontinence, both of which are symptomatic of overactive bladder and large prostate.

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Average Customer Rating:

“Works the best after I take it before bedtime”

5.0 Out of 5 Stars

After researching dietary supplements online I narrowed down my choices to this one. I was hoping that it would have an immediate effect, but understood that it will take some time before I could determine the effectiveness, therefore I ordered a 6 months’ supply. Into the second month of taking it and following the directions, the results were outstanding. As I started the third month, I realized that instead of taking it at dinner time (with meals as suggested), but right before bedtime provided the best results. I sleep through the night and once in a while get up once at the most and it has been consistent for the last two weeks.

– Charles Adams, Prince Edward Island, Canada

“It Works and Gives Satisfy Results”


5.0 Out of 5 Stars

My husband was using this product for several months and then stopped because he was undergoing surgery. After being off the medication for four weeks his symptoms came back. They are now getting better since he has been back on the medication for the past three weeks. I must say that if you are having prostate problem, you can buy ProstaStream.

         – Ava Roberts, Florida, U.S.

“Supplement is just Superb Really Works!”


5.0 Out of 5 Stars

Within a week of taking this prostate supplement I was able to sleep through the night without the need to go to the bathroom numerous times nightly as I had previously been experiencing. I have tried other ProstaStream remedies in the past, some over the counter, some prescription strength, but nothing worked at all like this one has, and without any noted side effects either! I’m glad I gave this one a try! I feel like this product has greatly improved my ability to sleep, thus directly impacting my health for the better. I recommend this product and will be purchasing more for myself indefinitely!  

– Colton Morris, Delaware, U.S.

“ProstaStream Supplement is 100% Effective”

couple review

5.0 Out of 5 Stars

My Husband said it is working great! David started to have these Products few months before only. He is very happy with this Product. So, I must suggest buying ProstaStream because we found all Natural Ingredients in its Capsules.

– Juliette & David Parker, Alberta, Canada

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What is the ProstaStream?

ProstaStream is an all-natural dietary supplement for men’s prostate health that has no artificial ingredients. This prostate augmentation, it was made to keep the organ solid by containing fixes meant to help maintain your prostate’s and body’s excellent health.

As a male, this Supplement can help you achieve a life of happiness and security. Life can go on as usual for men with large prostates, but it can also reduce their problems, such as wild peeing and other unpleasant movements.

As a dietary supplement, taking this Supplement on its own is not recommended; rather, it is meant to be used with a healthy diet and regular exercise. All-natural ingredients are included in the jugs that hold 60 pills each.

Disclaimer: The Food and Drug Administration in the United States of America has not yet evaluated any claims made by the dietary enhancer. These things don’t anticipate creating, fixing, or preventing any illness – rather than what they are accomplishing. There are different ways out when it comes to nutritional supplements, so it’s best to practice being aware.

There are these Supplement audits available on, but this one will shed light on the benefits and drawbacks of the nutritional Supplement. Of course, you’ll want to know if this item is a good fit for you before completing this audit.

To no one’s surprise, it’s always preferable to do some research before buying something, so you’re in luck if you’re reading this before acquiring one of the famous Nutritional Supplements.

Why You Should Trust Prostastream

How Does ProstaStream Work?

Prostate enlargement is an age-related condition affecting around 70% of men between 50 and 90. The condition develops due to fibrosis and weakening of the muscle tissue in the prostate, which impairs the gland’s functionality. Repeated contraction and dilation of muscle fibers are causing them to break.

As muscle fibers have low regeneration potential, they are replaced by collagen fibers, a type of disrepair that weakens the prostate muscle tissue, causing functional impairment.

Due to the functional impairment of the muscle tissue, the gland cannot completely excrete fluids, resulting in fluid build-up in the gland.

The accumulation of the fluid in the glands makes muscle tissue more resistant during contractions and dilation, causing more and more muscle fibers to break and be replaced by collagen fibers.

This Supplement is formulated to relax the bladder neck and smooth muscles in the gland, thereby reducing the blockage of urine flow.

The ingredients present in the supplement collectively function to inhibit the 5α-reductase enzyme, which suppresses DHT production, a hormone responsible for prostate enlargement.

While the ingredients have no impact on prostate size, they help with urinary symptoms and prevent disease progression.

Either ProstaStream Works For You

Or You Shouldn’t Have to Pay For It. offers a 60-day 100% money back guarantee. If you are feeling sceptical about the product, you are more assured when you hear about their refund policy. You can test the product yourself and if you really think the supplement is not for you and you are unsatisfied with it then you can send an email to their U.S. based customer service that is available 24/7. The refund policy of 60 days starts upon your purchase of ProstaStream. It’s best to take advantage of this refund policy to really get a first-hand experience of the product.

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List Of Ingredients Contains ProstaStream

ProstaStream uses 100% all-natural ingredients that ultimately cure all sorts of prostate problems, especially BPH. The company actually did a lot of research before using the various ingredients. So, let’s talk about all the ingredients that have been used in this supplement.

❖ Plant Sterol Complex: The ideal ingredient is known to lower cholesterol levels while decreasing the risk of a heart attack. Thanks to all the anti-cancer properties in the Plant Sterol Complex, it is one of the best ways to not only avoid cancer but lose healthy weight too. In essence, this ingredient is ideal for prostate problems since it’s so effective.

❖ Saw Palmetto Berries: A rather underrated ingredient used in ProstaStream, Saw Palmetto Berries help in minimizing the enlarged prostate, it also improves the urinary system, and improves overall hair growth of the human body.

This ingredient has other uses such as treating poor libido and inflammation that is caused by all the prostate issues in men. Being an antioxidant, Saw Palmetto Berries carry a lot of anti-cancer properties too, making it one of the most effective ingredients against BHP.

❖ Copper: Copper is ideal for strengthening bones, nerves, blood vessels, and the immune system. It also repels any heart problems which is ideal in a supplement like this. Copper is an additional ingredient in ProstaStream but it can become quite useful for strengthening your overall body while it goes through the recovery process.

❖ Graviola Leaf: Graviola in itself is a popular ingredient that can be used in a variety of ways. Its seeds, leaves, stem, and fruits, everything is responsible for curing various problems. However, in ProstaStream, Graviola Leaf is used to cure bacterial infections while your body undergoes the recovery process.

There’s a lot that goes into the recovery of BPH and Graviola Leaf will make sure that in that process, no problems will occur.

❖ Zinc: Zinc is one of the most popular ways to increase your immune system’s health. Moreover, it also helps in healing various wounds and for the ideal prostate care, you’ll need a nutrient like this to keep your immune health in check.

❖ Maitake Mushroom: Also known as the antioxidant king, Maitake Mushroom cures prostate cancer like a champ. They also minimize the side effects that are caused during the chemotherapy phase, ultimately minimizing the effects.

The mushrooms also break down small tumours, make your immune system better, lower your overall blood sugar level, and make sure that your weight is in a healthy index.

❖ Vitamin B6: B6 is also called Pyridoxine, helps in depression along with heart problems.

Reishi Mushroom: Another immune system booster, Reishi mostly helps in reducing depression and stress along with fatigue so you remain powerful the whole day. The mushrooms are also ideal for decreasing blood pressure so you remain carefree while defeating your prostate problems.

❖ Selenium: Good for thyroid and metabolism function, Selenium is also pretty awesome when it comes to curing mental health issues. It also lessens the risk of heart attacks but that’s just a theory from most people.

There are many other healthy ingredients used in the ProstaStream supplement. Some of the most important ones are Shiitake Mushroom, Cat’s Claw, Tomato Fruit Powder, Pygeum Africanum, Green Tea Extract, and Broccoli Leaf Extract.

There’s a lot that goes into the manufacturing of a supplement like this. But all in all, these ingredients seem pretty good, and all of their help in curing BPH one way or the other.

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ProstaStream Benefits

The ProstaStream supplement’s principal aim is to shrink the size of the enlarged prostate. It has the potential to reduce the size of the prostate by 350%.

➺ It also helps the urinary bladder function properly.

➺ Urinary tract infections will be relieved.

➺ Renal functions will improve as a result of this treatment.

➺ It improves mental focus and cognitive ability.

➺ It reduces inflammation in the body.

➺ ProstaStream aids in the maintenance of critical hormone balance.

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FAQs about ProstaStream

1) How long will it take to reap the benefits of the supplement?

The supplier suggests taking the ProstaStream supplement regularly for at least a few weeks. Because the supplement’s effect varies from person to person, men must use it for four weeks to see benefits in their health.

2) What is the minimum age for ordering the product?

To order the Prosta Stream supplement from the company’s Official Website, the customer must be at least 18 years old.

3) What is the number of tablets in each bottle?

Each container of the ProstaStream supplement contains 60 tablets. Each bottle will last for 30 days, so the user needs to take two pills every day.

4) Is the product addictive?

No, the product does not have an addictive quality. It is made with 100 percent organic materials that occur naturally in nature. There are no prohibited or hazardous substances in the composition. As a result, men can take this risk-free supplement regularly.

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